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Contacts : 189 E 34 Th St 2 A Brooklyn NY
Tel :347-322-1711 /786- 285-1119
Friends, today is with honor  we salute your visit on this
website, which is one of the tools CADNOH use to
reach sensitize and mobilize all efforts to help reissued
the  Northern part of  Haiti  its Solidarity, Dignity, and
Productivity a ways to help set Cap-Haitian and 18
others Communes in the Department North the best
way to  Progress and Develop a few months before the
scheduled 2020  that will mark  the 350 years
foundation Cap Haitian the  Touristic and Historical  
Capital  of Haiti, along with celebration of 200 years
Citadelle Henry that considered as the 8th wonder of
the world for many reasons.
We want to enjoy the occasion  of your passage on this
page to tell you how we would like to get Cooperation
and Support of all kinds from you to help us in this
great work. Because before 2020 we would like to:
1) Help set up some programs to keep their
neighborhood clean.
2) Help identify roads and  put  the houses number.
3) Encourage and support the people to repair and paint
the houses.
4) Participate in helping reorganize public transport in
placing signs and other measures to combat congestion
and protect lives.
5) Assist in building  markets in the area next to the city
and look at the requirements are how things are sold.
6) Support all projects (health, education, environment
protection etc, to help improve people's lives in the

As you can already imagine, to achieve all these goals,
this will require us to find support and collaboration
from everyone to lay hands with us as they can either
give us ideas, time, help us find materials of all kinds,
money etc. Already we thank you for your support in
helping us prepare this great gathering 2020.
N.B. If you wish to support us to achieve any of the projects do not hesitate  to contact us at the address,
emails or  telephones number below, you can fill out the contact form or you can contribute by clicking  the
button labeled Donate and you can give what you want. Thank you very much.
You are Invited to attend  
Meeting   Scheduled for :
Sunday June 3rd
 , 2018     
at 5 H PM
1583 Albany Ave
Brooklyn N.Y. 11210
Zanmi, jodia se ak anpil onè nap salye  vizit ou sou
sit entènèt sa  ki se yonn nan zouti CADNOH itilize
pou li kapab sensibilize ak mobilize tout kout men
ki ka ede zòn Nò peyi d'Haiti rejwenn Solidarite
,Diyite ak Prodiktivite li yon fason pou ede mete  
Okap ak lòt 18 komin nan Depatman Nò a sou
wout Progrè ak Devlopman  kèk mwa anvan 2020
ki pral fè Okap  ki se kapital Touristik ak Istorik
peyi 350 an  depi li te fonde an menm tan tou pou
Selebre Sitadel Henry ki konsidere kòm 8th Mèvèy  
nan mond lan pou anpil rezon.
Nou vle profite okazyon vizit ou sou paj sa pou nou
diw koman nou ta renmen jwenn kolaborasyon  ak
sipo tout kalite nan men ou  nan  gro travay sa.  
Paske anvan 2020 nou ta renmen:
1) Ede mete sou pye kèk program pou ede kenbe
katye yo pròp.
2)Ede idantifye Wout ak  mete nimero Kay yo.  .
3)Ankouraje ak ede moun yo repere ak pentire kay
4)Patisipe nan ede reyòganize transpò nan mete siy
ak lò mezi ki ka ede konbat anbouteyaj ak proteje
lavi .
5) Ede bati lò mache  nan zò ki  pre vil la epi gade
nan ki eta bagay ap vann.
6) Sipòte tout projè( Sante,Edikasyon,proteksyon
anvironman  elatriye, ki ka ede amelyore lavi moun
nan tout Komin yo.

Tankou ou ka deja imajine pou reyalize tout
objektif sa yo, sa pral  mande pou nou jwenn sipò  
ak kolaborasyon tout moun ki vle bay lanmen ak
nou swa nan bay ide ,tan ou byen ede nou jwenn
materyel tout kalite, lajan elatriye. deja nou diw
mèsi pou sipò ou nan  ede nou prepare gwo
randevou 2020 sa.